We specialise in bottle bank maintenance & cleaning.
Our prices start from £4.95 per clean.

Make your bottle bank bins Happybins.    

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Our procedure at every clean:

What you get from our procedure every time:

  • First we remove dirt with a high pressure water clean.
  • Then we remove any old or broken stickers and replace them with new stickers, using a professional labelling tool.
  • We tag the bottle bank(s) with a numbered tag for your records.
  • Tagging includes taking a photograph of the bottle bank(s).
  • At the end we provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the bottle bank(s).
  • We also produce a catalogue of bottle banks stating the bin location, number of bottle banks per location and number each bin individually.
  • Clean and happy bottle bank(s)!
  • You will have a visual photo of each bottle bank.
  • An address, location and number of bottle banks per address (mainly for multiple address cleaning jobs).
  • A tag code number for each bottle bank. Including marking down each specific bottle bank type, i.e. Clear Glass, brown glass, green glass.
  • Individual photos of any defected bottle bank(s).
  • A clear report on the condition of each bottle bank.
  • A catalogue of every bottle bank in a folder which is sent to you via email.

We clean bottle banks to the highest UK standards. The assessment form below is an example of the Happybins process for each bank.

Do you have glass bins instead?

glass binHappybins can clean glass bins too, we use the same pricing and we clean them to the same standards as waste bins. For prices and more information view the Waste Bins page.