Health & Safety Mission Statement

James Ewen Happybins DirectorDirector James Ewen considers health, safety and welfare top priorities within the business and is committed to keeping staff, customers and the public safe. We will do this by promoting high standards of health, safety and welfare at the Happybins office and also whilst working mobile at other sites.

To achieve this, James will:

  • Constantly work towards improving the health, safety & welfare culture at all levels within Happybins, where employee engagement and feedback is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legal duties in respect of health and safety at work legislation.
  • Ensure management and our workforce take personal ownership of safety each day.
  • Provide adequate resources for planning, provision and maintenance of safe working conditions and a safe system of work.
  • Provide adequate resource to support staff to become health and safety competent.
  • Take action where standards fall short of our expectations.

To achieve this Happybins will:

  • Maintain a strategic plan and specific objectives and targets which are reviewed periodically.
  • Internally review our health and safety management systems and implement improvements.
  • Proactively encourage and manage good behaviours through training.
  • Establish safety improvement for each new employee as well as existing employees.
  • Provide a prompt response and feedback to any issues raised.

Happybins expectations for communication of health, safety & welfare

Participation and consultation are vital aspects of this policy. Happybins welcomes suggestions from external health bodies, customers and HSE to improve health, safety & welfare Happybins staff are encouraged and expected to:

  • Discuss health, safety and welfare matters with their manager and director.
  • Co-operate at all times; contribute good ideas and improvements; report defects and short falls.